About Us

Deepening learning through inquiry, innovation and teamwork.

The Networks of Inquiry and Innovation (NOII) is a voluntary, inquiry-based network of schools in British Columbia, Canada.  Established in 2000 and funded by the BC Ministry of Education, the NOII is designed to improve the quality and equity of education in BC through inquiry, teamwork across roles, schools and districts, as well as a focus on applying coaching forms of assessment to assist learners to take greater ownership of their learning. Included in the NOII are the Aboriginal Enhancement Schools Network and the Healthy Schools Network.

The NOII is supported by volunteer leaders in sixteen regions across the province, dedicated to the vision of EVERY learner crossing the stage with dignity, purpose, and options.

Schools participate on an annual basis by engaging in the Spiral of Inquiry. School questions, case studies, resources and reflections are shared in a spirit of generosity, curiosity and growth.

The Networks image – Floating Stones – is used with the permission from New Zealand photography, Martin Hill.