Network Leadership

Judy Halbert and Linda Kaser are co-leaders of Networks of Inquiry and Innovation and the Aboriginal Enhancement Schools Network. They have served as principals, district leaders and policy advisors with the Ministry of Education in the areas of innovative leadership, district change, rural education, literacy and Aboriginal education.

They are co-directors of the Centre for Innovative Educational Leadership at Vancouver Island University where they teach graduate programs in educational leadership. They are also Canadian representatives to the OECD international research program on Innovative Learning Environments.

Linda and Judy are the co-authors of Spirals of Inquiry (2013), Leadership Mindsets: Innovation and Learning in the Transformation of Schools (2009) and with Helen Timperley, A Framework for Transforming Learning in Schools: Innovation and the Spiral of Inquiry (2014).

They have worked intensively with leadership groups in BC as well as in Wales, Australia, New Zealand and England. They are deeply committed to achieving equity and quality for all learners – and to networking for innovation and improvement both at home in BC and abroad.

Judy Halbert

Linda Kaser