The resources below provide a framework for conceptualizing and developing your inquiry based approach. It is helpful to refer back to these resources as the inquiry process moves through the steps of the Spiral. These are also helpful as points of discussion and reference during staff meetings and colleague collaboration.

The Spirals of Inquiry: for equity and quality (2013) handbook offers specific inquiry tools, research evidence and examples from practice in BC schools. It presents an approachable and yet innovative framework for inquiry that is influencing schools and districts across BC and in other parts of the world. Proceeds from book sales go directly to inquiring schools. For information on how to order, click here.

The Spiral Playbook (2017) is a condensed, plain language version of Spirals of Inquiry and tells of the work of many educators in BC and the Yukon. It is also a fundraiser for the Aboriginal Enhancement Schools Network. You can obtain copies by contacting Jennifer at the BCPVPA offices. 

Leadership Mindsets: Innovation and Learning in the Transformation of Schools (2009)

This book outlines an alternative way of thinking about school leadership. It examines research evidence that leaders will find most useful and suggests how they might use this evidence to maximize their learning and the learning of their students. Leadership Mindsets has been written specifically for aspiring to newly-appointed school leaders who are determined and motivated to create quality and equality for learners in the schools they serve, through networks of inquiry, learning and support.

QASSP journal article by Judy Halbert & Linda Kaser: A Focus on Equity and Excellence in Networks of Inquiry.

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Griffin State school’s Powerpoint presentation, What Matters Most in Our Classroom Environment, presented by Jessica Lewis at the 2019 Symposium. This presentation focuses on what matters in the visible classroom, and how “working walls” can effectively teach and document the learning journey.

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Spiralling in China, Adminfo (pg.8). This is an article written by Jacalyn Kersey, a former Vernon Principal, who describes the impact of the Spirals of Inquiry at BC’s offshore schools in China.

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22 Current Resources to Consider for Professional Learning.

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